A brand is born

From sun, from water, from fiery passion, from sunsets and sunrises, from love and kisses, from long walks, from laughs and winks, from taste and touch, from gaze, from friendship and companionship, from sisterhood, from adventure and romance, from sensuality and the love of beauty.

Embracing femininity, the exotic nature's wonders and the aweness of being alive...
¡Qué mono!


KE MONO is both of this world and out of this world. It draws inspiration from all beauty around the world.

The story of artistic expression. Of freedom. Drunk on love, high on life. Eternally in love and in awe with aliveness.


We create a mood for you, a state, a silky feeling of beauty, wonder and freedom. Kimono is your canvas where you imprint your emotions and unique perceptions of the world around you. Unique, untamed, free, delicate, a blend of contraries, a mystery. We exist to make you feel amazing.


We’re passionate about the world. People, places, experiences, sensations, ideas, moods, textures. Every moment is an opportunity to explore, discover, and appreciate the intricate tapestry of life that surrounds us.

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