Welcome to our world full of adventure and joy! We are the two sisters, ALEXANDRA and NATALIA, and we are thrilled to share our passion for travel, positive vibes, free spirit, and all the beautiful things around us with you.

Power of sisterhood! An unique blend of contraries, two different persons and the alchemy of two perspectives and desires into something beautiful.

Close your eyes and imagine traveling with us, feeling the energy of each place, and experiencing the joy of unrestricted and free-spirited journeys.

"They buy Silk. They Buy beauty, they buy a feeling, a sensation, a dream.

— Maya Angoloue


In the Spanish world, this is an acclamation that means cute, adorable, pretty. An instinctive statement you make when you’re visually struck by something aesthetically pleasing.


Our brand promise is a celebration of the everyday magic that unfolds in sunsets and sunrises, in love's tender kisses, during long walks, echoing with laughter and winks. Raw, tender, contradictory, perhaps even imperfect and vulnerable. Our brand is navigating both the tangible and intangible worlds, it is a journey drenched in love. We exist not just to clothe you, but to make you feel truly amazing.

Freedom for everyone

Our Foundation is freedom - Travel is a means of expressing our inner freedom, the unlimited, the joy of discovery, ways of expression in the world.